Overcome the Facebook Apocalypse

Facebook has once again changed its algorithm, focusing even more on connecting people through meaningful conversations. And pandemonium filled the internet! But don't panic yet. First, there are two considerations to keep in mind about their latest announcement.

  1. This change most heavily affects brand pages who use engagement bait in their posts, e.g. "Comment to win," and "Like if you think cats are cute." These posts aren't adding real value to customers feeds or lives and will be de-prioritized.
  2. Facebook does not anticipate changes to those who use Facebook advertising. I love the sentiment here but I suggest taking it with a grain of salt. As more brand pages turn to Facebook ads to get their content in front of people, the supply of ad space will get smaller and the bid will grow higher, causing advertisers to pay more for fewer results. That said, if you're running Facebook ads to drive specific business goals, you should be putting paid support being those posts to support those goals.
  3. I anticipate that as the newsfeed becomes less noisy, there will be more opportunity for Facebook users to explore other content on the platform, seeking it out.

Here are four ways you can counteract this algorithm change that will, in turn, make your business even stronger.

  1. Use social listening to uncover meaningful conversations that are already happening and find ways your brand can insert value.
  2. Engage with your customers, replying when they ask questions or leave a comment, and thus creating meaningful conversations.
  3. Consider creating a Facebook Group to develop a community around your area of expertise and put emphasis on that community versus your brand page.
  4. Diversify your social media strategy. Facebook is not the end-all-be-all! Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have the opportunity for higher organic engagement. Twitter has an opportunity for rich conversation. Test and measure success.

What do you think? Have you already seen a decline in organic engagement? Do any of these four tactics sound like a good fit for your business? Any other strategies you're planning to try in 2018? Let me know!