I offer fully personalized marketing services based on your business and your budget. Whether you see exactly what you need or you're looking for a hybrid of these, reach out to me and we'll brainstorm a solution together!

Content and Social Media Audits

Don't reinvent the wheel! Work with the content you already have. I'll dive into your content, whether it's your website, blog or social media platforms, and uncover how we can make it work harder for your business.


Annual Planning

The kit and kaboodle of planning. Don't go it alone here! We'll outline the strategies and tactics across touchpoints to drive your business goals throughout the course of the year. 

Content Strategy

Stop creating content for the sake of content creation. Step away from that blog. Press pause on that video. We'll outline a plan for content your target actually wants to consume when and where they want to consume it.



Perfect for lifelong learners, workshops can be tailored to a variety of marketing topics. Train subject matter experts on the ins and outs of social media, educate key stakeholders on best practices and more.

Social Media Strategy

Overcome the social media overwhelm. Let's find out once and for all which social media platforms you should be on, what you should say and how frequently you should say it. Plus, we'll put a plan in place to back posts with paid support.