'Tis the Season for Holiday-Inspired Marketing

I received an interesting advent calendar last week in my inbox. It was an advent calendar of content marketing tips. I called this a win for three reasons: It was incredibly timely, relevant to me and my business and it was easily digestible. I was so impressed with this idea it got me thinking about what other value-added bonuses a business could offer around the holidays.  

Now, we're too far in to take advantage of all 24 days, but there are still the 12 days of Christmas. So ask yourself: How can I package industry insights, ideas or even products in fun and interesting ways?

  • 12 DIY home improvement tips as a contractor
  • 12 unique topping combinations for your pizza parlor
  • 12 days of DIY crafts
  • 12 holiday-themed sundaes, lattes, printables, etc.
  • 12 days of deals

Tell me, what are you incorporating the holidays into your business this time of year?